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The Party Page

The Party Page The Party Page The Party Page

Big House Raft Race

Mark your calendars boys and girls, the Annual Big House Raft Race will be taking place this July 10th at the usual site (Chesapeake Ave, you'll know it when you see it)! Last year, my raft came in 4th place, barely being edged out by the third place boat at the line. The design flaw present has been rectified and I expect to be able to be in the water in much less time, and have more power to propel us! for insights into past years' races, click here.
Last year's race

The Oyster Incident

What a bargain!
Hmmm, looks like a good deal to me!
King Oyster
No, that's not a napkin between the mug and shot glass, that's one 'lil ol' local oyster laying there, ready to choke someone else.
How it felt
Of course, everyone wanted to know what went wrong with the shooter. I had to demonstrate that it was like trying to swallow a slimy piece of tow-strap. This thing would fill the palm of almost any hand.
Cleanup efforts
Yes, in my struggle to try to get it down (unsuccessfully, I might add), I had my sinus cavities cleaned by the tabasco sauce that went down with most of the beer. My eyes watered and my nose ran for a good half hour after the ordeal ended.
Hardly amused
This is me being very unamused (but only for a moment).
*He* did it!
Yeah, that's him, behind the bar. He's living on borrowed time right now...

Here's a shot from the 1998 Big House annual Halloween party. From left to right, you'll see a Cereal Killer, the Cat In The Hat ("Roowwwwrrr"), and me as the King of Clubs.
Big House Parties RULE!!

Here's a shot of our 1999 Big House Halloween party costumes. On the left is a Y2K bug, and on the right is the epitome of how surfers are viewed.
Big House Parties RULE!!
I still need to get the last two year's worth of costume pics up, but here's the 2002 images.

Aunti-Em, Auntie Em!!  It's a tornado!! 1