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If you've never experienced the feeling of gliding across the water, enjoying one of nature's greatest free rollercoasters, you have absolutely got to go surfing. I think I'll finish this page after I get wet this weekend down in Hatteras.

A Surfer's Prayer
My wave that art in the ocean
hollow be thy frame
may they come
until I'm done
on earth man, this is heaven
give us this day
our daily sets
and forgive us our drop ins
as we forgive those who drop in against us
and deliver us from closeouts

A.S. brother Mike Sullivan, from alt.surfing 10/17/01

I'm a founding member of Guidopalooza!! Click the images to see what is all about

These are some shots of when I was in Duck, NC the day before New Years's, 1996. Conditions were extremely foggy and small. I did manage a minor noseride in the last pic, though. More to come as the weather warms.

On the beach A small closeout a Small nose ride

These are from the afternoon I picked up my new 7'8" funboard. Of course, when you've got a new board, there is no wave too small to ride!

The first ride on the new 7-8 When you're on a new board, no wave is too small!

Here's a few shots from a trip to Frisco that occured this spring
Frisco 1 Frisco 2 Frisco 3 Frisco 4
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