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Claim to fame: The first photo is a picture from a local paper that covered a volleyball tournament at Buckroe Beach (shot in the summer of '94). Special thanks go to my friend Pam M. who was able to get these color shots from the original negatives the paper had.
Big Pic Small Pic1 Small Pic2

Out of the handfull of tournaments I was in last summer ('97), only one had a camera at it. Here's one from the NASA volleyball club's LAA tourny.

Ready to crush one

If you've never heard of the Dismal Digs, you're missing an unbelievable party! Always held at the beginning of May in Jamestown campground in Virginia, this tournament draws players from all over the east coast. Imagine the little toddler-toy push mower with the balls that bounce inside the clear sphere: that's what it looks like to gaze over the expanse of nets set up for the weekend. In 1999's tournament, we put our engineering hats on and had a competition between two of the teams to build the best self contained and portable blender apparatus. Ours utilized a long-shaft Ford starter motor from a '71 pickup. Notice the safety glasses and leather gloves needed to restrain the blender unit. *LOL*
Blender 1 Blender 2 Blender 3 Blender 4
Here's our blender-bender team and another one of the teams put together from people where I work:
The players are (clockwise from top left): Bob, Lou, Trish R., myself, Jen, and Trish G.
My team
Another team
Here's the volleyball newsgroup

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